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American History To 1877
    • Paula Findlen

      Stanford University

    • Europe and the Americas, 1450-1607
    • Columbus and Vespucci
    • John White and the Image of the New World
      (Image Analysis)
    • Cabeza de Vaca and Cultural Relativism (Text Analysis)
    • Seth Rockman

      Brown University

    • The North, 1815-1860
    • Free People of Color and the Quest for Citizenship in the Antebellum North
    • Measuring the Problem of Alcoholism in America (Data Analysis)
    • Transportation and Communication in the Early 19th Century (Map and Data Analysis)
    • Mark Peterson

      University of California at Berkeley

    • The Colonial World, 1607-1750
    • Gentility, Religious Revivalism, and Self-Transformation in 18th-Century America
    • Piracy, Privateering, and John Quelch, 1704 (Simulated Debate)
    • Bacons Rebellion and Land Policy (Text and Map Analysis)
    • Karl Jacoby

      Columbia University

    • The West, 1815-1860
    • Blood and Soil: The U.S.-Mexico War, 1846-1848
    • Chinook Language (Vocabulary Analysis)
    • The John Wesley Powell Map (Map Analysis)
    • Alan Taylor

      University of Virginia

    • The American Revolution and Constitution, 1750-1790
    • The Revolution in the West, 1776-1783
    • Slaves, Slaveowners, and Abolition, 1773-1785
      (Text Analysis)
    • Captain Hendrick Aupaumut and American Land Policy toward the Natives (Text Analysis)
    • Thavolia Glymph

      Duke University

    • The South, 1815-1860
    • The War Within: The Plantation House in the South
    • Slave Labor and Plantation Rules: Highland Plantation (Text Analysis)
    • Yeoman Farmers and Southern Slavery (Text Analysis)
    • Caroline Winterer

      Stanford University

    • The Early National Period, 1790-1815
    • The New Rome, 1790-1815
    • Womens Education in the Early American Republic (Text Analysis)
    • The Growth of Slavery, 1790-1820 (Data Analysis)
    • Kate Masur

      Northwestern University

    • The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860-1877
    • Reconstruction: Two Years that Changed America, 1865-67
    • Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the American Equal Rights Association (Text Analysis)
    • The Emancipation Proclamation (Text Analysis)
American History Since 1877
    • Charles Postel

      San Francisco State University

    • The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, 1877-1914
    • Populism: Peril or Promise?
    • The Photos of Jacob Riis: A Revisionist View
      (Image Analysis)
    • The Election of 1912 (Text Analysis)
    • Katie Sibley

      St. Josephs University

    • WWII and the Cold War, 1941-1972
    • Red Spies in America: The Rise of the National Security State
    • Anti-USSR Propaganda in Music and Literature, 1945-55 (Video and Text Analysis)
    • Television and the Tet Offensive, 1968 (Video Analysis)
    • Hasia Diner

      New York University

    • The Great Migration: Immigration in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
    • Immigration Enclaves (Map Analysis)
    • Chinese Immigration, 1860-1940 (Data Analysis)
    • Mark Brilliant

      UC Berkeley

    • Post-War America, 1945-1972
    • The Color of America Has Changed: The Long and Wide Civil Rights Movement
    • Suburbia and the Modern Environmental Movement (Text Analysis)
    • The Legacy of Perez v. Sharp (Text Analysis)
    • Glen Gendzel

      San Jose State University

    • WWI and the 1920s, 1914-1929
    • America Enters WWI, 1914-1916
    • The Evolution of Consumer Culture: Advertisements, 1890-1929
    • Popular Music and Ideology: Songs Before and During WWI, 1914-1918
    • Julian Zelizer

      Princeton University

    • The Conservative Turn, 1972 - present
    • Conservatism and the Politics of Foreign Policy, 1972-1980
    • The Second Gilded Age and the Decline of the Middle Class (Data Analysis)
    • Roe v. Wade and Issue Politics (Text Analysis)
    • Linda Gordon

      New York University

    • The Great Depression and the Road to War, 1929-1941
    • Visual Americanism: The Art of the New Deal
    • Letters to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt (Text Analysis)
    • The War-Time Incarceration of Japanese Americas (Image Analysis)
    • Bethany Moreton

      Dartmouth College

    • Millennial America: In Search of the New Economy, 1980 - present
    • The Rise of the Gay Rights Movement, 1968 - present
    • Immigration Since Hart-Cellar, 1965 - present (Data Analysis)
    • The Rodney King Incident and Polls (Data Analysis)
    • David Gutierrez

      UC San Diego

    • The Demographic Revolution, 1972-present
    • Immigration in the Postwar Era
    • The US Supreme Court and Politics
    • 9/11 and Its Impact on Immigration
American Government
    • Jack Rakove

      Stanford University

    • The Foundations of American Government
    • Three Myths of the American Constitution
    • Federalist 10
    • Federalist 37
    • Federalist 51
    • Ange-Marie Hancock


    • Federalism, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties
    • Race, Gender, Sexuality and Political Activism
    • Racial Profiling and Civil Rights
    • Felon Disenfranchisement
    • Speech Restrictions and Free Speech
    • Melinda Jackson

      San Jose State University

    • Political Culture and Elections
    • Polls, Polls, Polls
    • Voters and Citizenship Tests
    • How Does Government Impact Different Groups of People?
    • Voter Participation
    • Should Citizens Be Required To Take a Test to Vote
    • Dara Strolovitch

      Princeton University

    • Social Movements, Interest Groups, and Political Parties
    • Closer to a Pluralist Heaven: Marginal Groups and Social Movements
    • Citizens United Decision
    • Recent Social Movements: The Tea Party and the Occupy Movement
    • Participation in Interest Groups
    • Kathleen Dolan

      University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    • The U.S. Congress
    • Apportionment and Representation in the House
    • Women and Congress
    • Congress and the War Powers Act
    • Gerrymandering
    • Sean Gailmard

      University of California

    • The U.S. President
    • The Presidency and War
    • The President’s Use of Media Through Time
    • Executive Orders and the Dream Act
    • Impeachment: Nixon and Clinton
    • Larry Baum

      Ohio State University

    • The U.S. Supreme Court and the Court System
    • The U.S. Supreme Court and Its Decision-Making Process
    • Korematsu v. Boumedienne
    • Decision-Making on the Supreme Court, 2014-15
    • Original Meaning v. Evolving Meaning
    • Paul Pierson

      University of California

    • Domestic Policy
    • Obamacare and the History of American Healthcare Policy
    • Inequality and Policy
    • Environmental Regulation
    • Problem: Taxes or Welfare